After bringing two of the greatest RPGs of the last 10 years to PlayStation 4, Larian Studios has truly hit the big time. The developer made a name for itself with Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II, but after taking up the reigns on the legendary Baldur's Gate franchise, a new set of expectations have been placed on its shoulders. It appears primed to deliver, however, as a new trailer just debuted at PAX East has us foaming at the mouth for more of the third instalment.

The biggest problem then is that the game is only confirmed for PC and Google Stadia of all things. It'll enter Early Access at some point later this year which means that when it comes time for a full release, the PlayStation 5 will more than likely be on the market. And if we are to suffer from the usual post-launch drought of titles, we can't think of anything much better than investing 100+ hours into an epic RPG such as Baldur's Gate 3.

We're basically port begging here, but after Larian Studios proved that it could successfully bring a traditionally PC experience to consoles, we can't help but wonder whether it's next project is destined for PS5. It certainly makes sense from where we're standing and don't worry, we're happy waiting. It is, after all, exactly what we had to do in order to get the Divinity: Original Sin titles onto PS4.

Do you hope that Baldur's Gate 3 one day makes its way to PS5? Take your turn in the comments below.