ANTHEM Christmas Decorations Updates Icetide

Oh ANTHEM, what even are you anymore? The disastrous looter shooter's creeping up on its first birthday, but unless BioWare works some kind of miracle, there won't be much cause for celebration. You may have seen it floating around the web already, but on this latest episode of 'Let's All Point and Laugh at ANTHEM', the game's still got its Christmas decorations up. And we're into the second week of February.

As spotted by GamesRadar's Sam Loveridge on Twitter, the colourful lights of ANTHEM's Icetide seasonal event still pepper the player hub.

To be fair, the aforementioned Icetide event was actually extended into February via the game's latest patch, so even though it is still fashionable to rag on ANTHEM, it's not like BioWare's actively ignoring the game... Right?

Well, let's just say that it's hard not to be cynical. In January, the developer wrote a post that read: "We're currently working on what's to come after Icetide, but we're not quite ready to share details on it yet." However, this sentence was soon removed from said post, and the studio's been silent on the game's future since. It's not a great look, but then ANTHEM has rarely been a good look, never mind a great one.

And so ANTHEM's Christmas decorations remain, but any hope we had for the game continues to drip away.