Dengeki PlayStation End
Image: The cover of Dengeki PlayStation's latest issue

It's always a sad day when a good old fashioned gaming magazine decides to call it quits. Dengeki PlayStation, a PlayStation-specific publication that's been following the brand's every move for an impressive 26 years, has revealed that its final issue (volume 686) will arrive in March.

We remember a simpler time when the monthly Japanese magazine was regarded as a kind of gaming holy grail here in the West -- an all-knowing source of PlayStation information purely because it was Japanese, and therefore stuffed with wonder and mystery. But times change, and as is the case with so many other printed publications, Dengeki PlayStation has struggled to maintain its relevance in an age where the internet is king. Still, it's a huge shame to hear that it's done.

Dengeki PlayStation will still exist as part of Japanese website Dengeki Online, however, where its PlayStation-related articles will continue to sit alongside coverage of other gaming platforms. The publication also hasn't ruled out limited releases in the future.

In any case, we'd highly recommend doing a google image search for Dengeki PlayStation. Even if you can't read Japanese, some of those covers are downright glorious.

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