Due to the nature of Media Molecule's titles, you hear about members of the community being headhunted for video game jobs every now and again. LittleBigPlanet was responsible for many people going pro, and we're starting to hear about similar stories with Dreams on PlayStation 4. It was inevitable that this would happen at some stage, but just a couple of weeks after the official launch, someone has had an offer based on their creations.

If you've played Dreams -- and maybe if you haven't -- you'll probably have seen Blade Gunner. It's a Resogun style arcade shooter, and it's an excellent piece of work -- especially for a complete amateur. We've embedded a gameplay video above to give you the gist. The creator goes by Jimmyjules153, and his simple game currently sits at the very top of DreamSurfing, alongside some equally impressive creations. Speaking with Escapist Magazine, he's thrilled with the reception so far. "I didn’t expect the kind of support that my game received, but it makes me happy I was able to entertain so many people,” he said. “There are some brilliant games on the front page, and it’s an honour to be chosen to be among them."

However, the story doesn't stop there. Off the back of his shoot 'em up made in Dreams, Jimmyjules153 has received a job offer from a European developer. "I was approached by a European game development company who asked me to join their team,” he told Escapist. “I’m excited for the future and where this may take me!"

It's unclear if he's taken the offer, but it seems he can, at the very least, use Media Molecule's PS4 exclusive as an interactive portfolio moving forward. It's likely that we'll hear about other tales like this as Dreams and its community continues to grow. Based on some of the things we've played so far, we wouldn't be at all surprised if some of these people end up as professional game designers and artists.

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