Sony PS5 Reveal Event February Rumours

Remember when multiple rumours said that Sony would be holding a PlayStation 5 reveal event on the 5th February? Well, we hate to burst the bubble, but it isn't happening. It's now the 28th January at the time of writing, and Sony's said nothing. Events like this obviously take a lot of time and effort to plan ahead for, and based on what we've heard from various games media outlets and their writers, Sony hasn't sent out invitations of any kind.

Could something PS5-related still happen on the 5th February? Well, outside of an actual reveal event, we suppose it's possible. Something like a special State of Play isn't completely out of the question, for example, but we'd be shocked if Sony had more to say about the PS5 before the big reveal takes place.

Still, even if the 5th February comes and goes with nothing to show for all the rumours, it could still be a huge month for Sony and the PS5. Numerous other rumours suggest that the all-important reveal event is still happening in February -- we just don't have a date yet. We always hate to say it, but we're just going to have to wait and see.

Do you think the PS5 will be revealed next month? Do you think something could still happen on the 5th February? Go next-gen in the comments section below.