The Last of Us 2 PC PS4

Last week, a report outed that Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC in 2020. This sparked a wave of outrage among some hardcore PlayStation fans -- many of them upset that Sony appears to be keen on moving into the PC market, and that it's potentially willing to take its biggest exclusive games with it. The argument is that without exclusives, what's the point of investing in a PlayStation console?

Of course, this is just one perspective. We published a poll asking readers if PlayStation exclusives being on PC would impact their purchasing intent, and 31 per cent of voters said that they don't really care. In contrast, 44 per cent said they'd skip the PlayStation 5 and just buy Sony's games on PC, even if they have to wait. Clearly, there is at least some concern that this isn't the right approach as far as PlayStation's future is concerned.

And now, only adding fuel to the fire, is this Naughty Dog job listing. Picked up by a number of sites already, the listing is for a graphics programmer, who'll work on The Last of Us: Part II. Business as usual, right? Well, what's riling some people up is that it asks for someone with "thorough understanding of current GPU architectures". It then highlights hardware manufacturers AMD and Nvidia.

Almost immediately, some fans have taken this to mean that The Last of Us: Part II is destined for an eventual PC release. After all, why would a first-party developer need understanding of multiple components? Well, here's the thing: Naughty Dog could just be looking for an experienced programmer and nothing more. This isn't exactly confirmation of Sony chucking all of its biggest games at platforms other than PlayStation.

So yeah, we think that this is jumping the gun a little, even if it's starting to look like Sony has plans to expand its influence beyond PlayStation. But what do you think? Could you see heavyweight exclusives like The Last of Us: Part II hit PC in time? Try to be reasonable in the comments section below.

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