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Over the past few days, we've released a countdown of the best soundtracks to grace a PlayStation console. It's hard enough to whittle down a list to highlight the ten best scores in a year, let alone across an entire decade, so we wanted to spend some time highlighting a handful of soundtracks that didn't quite make the cut but were too good to not at least mention here. So without further ado, here are the final six soundtracks that were cut from the top 10 list:


A title from back when games made their debuts as part of the PlayStation Plus programme, Apotheon was a really spectacular side scrolling action title, with an amazing art style – inspired by Greek pottery – and what’s more, a stunner of a soundtrack. Composed by Marios Aristopoulos, the music is divine, with such beautifully haunting qualities that we still listen to the soundtrack regularly despite the game being nearly five years old.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

While it may have started as a joke, Blood Dragon ultimately proved to be anything but. An extension of Far Cry 3's winning open world gameplay, Blood Dragon is a neon-soaked, synthwave infused beaut. With a score from some of the best synthwave artists on the scene – Powerglove – as well as a song from the best bad movie of all time, Miami Connection, the soundtrack just might be the most memorable moment from a game drowning in memorable moments. And much like Apotheon, this one never left our music rotation


The cosmic, gothic horror in Bloodborne provided one of the most unnerving soundtracks of the decade. Crafted by a cadre of incredibly talented composers – including Ryan Amon and Yuka Kitamura – the unmatched art direction of the title was heightened by such an immaculate score. From the ambient music to each individual boss’ theme, Bloodborne killed it on all fronts.

The Swapper

One of the cleverest, bleakest puzzle games of the generation, The Swapper’s ominous, eerily static world is one of the best titles to come out of 2014. Oftentimes the only noise apart from your heavy footsteps, the soundtrack provided by Carlo Castellano deftly walks the line between beautiful and creepy. Heavily reliant on piano, the score perfectly captures how it felt roaming around a space station inhabited by telepathic rocks.


The Earthbound influenced title from Toby Fox was a revelation when it first released, and for good reason. Interesting mechanics, with extraordinary levels of detail, immaculate characters, and sharp, quick-witted writing all came together to craft quite the experience. But perhaps the most popular aspect of the title is the music. Loaded with literally dozens of instantly iconic melodies, Undertale has an amazing soundtrack.

NieR: Automata

And finally, by popular demand, we have another of the best soundtrack's of the decade. The Push Square community would have our heads if we didn't at least mention Keiichi Okabe -and a handful of others- stunning work on this title, we ultimately ended up leaving it off the list in favor of scores we more actively and frequently return to. But ultimately, the layered, rich arrangements of NieR: Automata are not one to be forgotten easily.

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