Godfall PS5 Reveal Reaction

Godfall was announced back at the Video Game Awards last December, and hype for the so-called 'looter-slasher' has been bubbling away based on the fact that it's the first confirmed PlayStation 5 title that we've seen. And if rumours are to be believed regarding a big PS5 reveal event in February, an extended look at Godfall seems like a lock -- especially since developer Counterplay has previously stated that we'll see more of it soon.

It's perhaps a bit of a stretch, but it's possible that Sony is now gearing up for the aforementioned reveal event. Over the last couple of days, some PlayStation users have been receiving marketing emails that feature Godfall. Outside of promoting the announcement trailer on its official channels, Sony hasn't really pushed the game yet -- but suddenly it seems keen on getting the word out.

Right now, this is all according to fan speculation across the likes of Reddit and social media -- but we can see the logic. Potential hints like this do tend to add up over time when plans are in motion behind the scenes, and, let's be honest, it almost feels like everything's on hold as we wait for Sony to speak.

What do you think? Is there a connection here, or is it just a coincidence? Continue the speculation in the comments section below.

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