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You never know what's happening behind closed doors, and that of course extends to video games. Countless unannounced titles are being worked on right now, and we won't know what any of them are until publishers decide it's time. It's been around eight years since the last meaningful entry into the Silent Hill series, and fans will no doubt be pining for a new instalment in the survival horror franchise.

Infamously, Konami cancelled Silent Hills, the Hideo Kojima / Guillermo del Toro game teased by PT back in 2015. It was a real shame, but you have to wonder if the publisher has been working to bring the series back in some way or another in the time since.

A couple of days ago, Masahiro Ito, an artist who has worked on many of the Silent Hill games in the past, tweeted out about an unannounced game:

It seems this is a pretty innocuous tweet, but the comment about hoping the game won't be cancelled sticks out to us. Given the fate of Silent Hills, we think this is probably a reference to that, and it could mean that development on an entirely new Silent Hill game is underway. He follows this tweet up by saying he can't tell us anything yet, which seems like a tease to us. This could turn out to be something else entirely, but given Ito's attachment to the franchise, there's a chance this is related to Konami's horror series.

What do you think of this? Is this artist hinting at an upcoming Silent Hill project, or are people reading too much into this? Keep out of the fog in the comments below.