Update: Reliable new source Nibel on Twitter has now corroborated the rumour by stating: "It matches with stuff I've been hearing which is why I went forward with it. The info in the video is all coming from a playtest that Capcom had some time ago apparently." Is there some truth to this after all?

Original story: You're going to have to take this one with a huge grain of salt -- a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Resident Evil is reporting on claims from Biohazard Declassified that it has obtained the first set of details for the currently unannounced Resident Evil 8. It is said that the information was received via a tip line and it makes for very interesting reading.

Remember that this is all just a rumour, but Resident Evil 8 will supposedly see the return of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard protagonist Ethan Winters along with the first-person perspective. Zombies will also make their triumphant return alongside an all-new enemy type -- werewolves. It's an interesting claim indeed that is given a fraction of weight by another Stalker-like foe which will pursue you throughout the game. Think of Resident Evil 2's Mr X or the Baker family and you're on the right tracks.

The video signs off by stating that Chris Redfield will return in some form. So, is any of this actually believable? Rumours of a Resident Evil 8 have actually been floating about for the past week or so after known Resident Evil insider Aesthetic Gamer claimed the eighth entry is still years away and was recently rebooted. It is not known whether either of these statements are true or not and we probably won't find out whether there's any truth behind them for quite some time. Therefore, take these rumours with a grain of salt, but do you hope Resident Evil 8 takes this form? Let us know in the comments below.

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