The Elder Scrolls VI Starfield PS5 Bethesda

So, what's going on behind the scenes at Bethesda Game Studios? At E3 2018, studio head Todd Howard confirmed that the developer has two projects in the works: Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. However, we've barely heard a peep about either of them since. And while we do know that Starfield is coming first, we've never really been given a timeline -- it's always been assumed that it'll end up being a next-gen release.

But as new job listings suggest, Starfield could be closer to completion than we thought. Bethesda is now looking to hire for a number of positions. It wants "talented programmers to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles". Coupled with a listing for "an experienced, creative and energetic Video Editor", it's not difficult to speculate that the former is for The Elder Scrolls VI, and the latter is for Starfield.

Potentially, this means that Bethesda is in the process of ramping up recruitment for Skyrim's successor as Starfield moves into its final stages of development. Again, it's only speculation, but it does start to make sense when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture -- especially when you take the developer's relative silence into account over the last year and a half or so.

What do you make of this? Could we see Starfield explode onto the scene in 2020? Could it be a next-gen launch title? Continue the speculation in the comments section below.

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