The Ape Escape series has eluded PlayStation consoles for a long time now, and fans have been crying out for a revival. We haven't seen a game starring those puny primates since that PlayStation Move title in 2011, and even that wasn't quite the real deal. As with many of Sony's legacy IPs, Ape Escape seems to have been locked away in the vault. However, a tweet has got people talking once again.

About six months ago, murmurs of a new Ape Escape game began to emerge due to a 20th anniversary Twitter account and a refreshed website. Nothing has come of them so far, but a tweet on New Year's Day appears to hint at... something.

Roughly translated via Google, the tweet reads, "Happy New Year. This year also, exciting, wonderful! To send lots of important information!"

Taken at face value, this might suggest that we'll be hearing about a new Ape Escape game this year. The series used to come into play when Sony wanted to showcase something new. A PSVR game would make sense, but what about a potential PS5 entry? If we're to believe this tweet is teasing something, the timing seems about right for a new game. However, we probably shouldn't get too excited. As we said earlier, the series has been missing in action for a number of years, and using a poorly translated tweet as proof is probably a bad idea.

What do you think? Is this tweet hinting at a game announcement, or are fans going bananas over nothing? Go ape in the comments below.