Resident Evil 3 PS4

While Resident Evil 2 was a remake that remained impressively faithful to the source material, Capcom has already gone on record stating that it'll be making some big changes to its next survival horror remake. Resident Evil 3 comes to PlayStation 4 in less than three months, but it does indeed look like the experience is going to be vastly different to what you remember on the classic PSone.

Sourced from the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, some important mechanics and elements have either been changed dramatically or dropped altogether. Mercenaries mode is gone entirely with its replacement being Resident Evil Resistance, while the choice-based events which allowed you to impact the story and Jill Valentine's actions are gone. These occurred whenever Nemesis reared its ugly head, allowing you to choose between fighting the monster or running away. As a consequence of that, the extra endings have been cut too.

It's not all doom and gloom, however. Carlos has been confirmed as a playable character, the mutant worms will make their return, and Raccoon City is said to be much more open this time around. You'll be able to visit the streets, shops, Stagla petrol station, the Raccoon Press offices, and the hospital. It's by no means an open world game, but you'll be able to do much more exploring than Leon S. Kennedy got up to.

We are certainly sad to see the choice events go, but this remake is still sounding absolutely excellent. Are you hyped for Resident Evil 3 remake? Grab a green herb in the comments below.