Spider-Man PS4

The thirst for new information on the PlayStation 5 is at an all-time high, to the point where even a random Twitter account posting complete nonsense can make its way to the top of a Reddit page. A tweet from a user named @foxygames_uk claims that Sony is on the verge of revealing "a major studio acquisition" to the world, but we really don't think you should be getting your hopes up off the back of this.

Of course, Sony has proven in the past that it'll announce developer purchases completely randomly, of which the acquisition of Insomaniac Games is a shining example, but this Twitter account doesn't actually know what the Japanese giant's plans really are. Taking a look through their most recent tweets, claims of three separate reveal events for the PS5 and a marketing tagline of "Live the PS5 Dream" are enough for us to easily denounce this rumour as a load of rubbish.

Sony probably does have plans to announce further studio acquisitions before the launch of its next-generation console, but we don't expect to hear word of them before the system's reveal event takes place. Hopefully, that'll be next month, and for a list of which studios the hardware manufacturer could realistically buy, head on through the link.

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