We weren't expecting too much to come out of Sony's CES 2020 press conference, but as it turns out, Jim Ryan took to the stage to share some juicy details on PlayStation and what the future holds. The PlayStation Network is going to play a large part in all of that, and the SIE president shared on stage that the infrastructure now boasts of more than 100 million monthly active users.

103 million monthly active PSN users to be exact, with over a third of them subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service. 38.8 million users claim their two free PlayStation 4 games per month along with the ability to play online multiplayer titles -- a number that has increased since our last update on the subscriber count. In March 2019, Sony reported that more than 36 million had signed up to the service while the overall total of monthly PSN users was sitting at roughly 94 million. This latest update represents an increase of nine million users across the board -- something PlayStation will surely be proud of.

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