There's a certain lack of hype surrounding Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. Despite being billed as what is essentially a sequel to the hugely successful Persona 5, it just doesn't seem to be attracting much attention. Perhaps that'll change once the West gets its hands on Persona 5 Royal in March, but in the meantime, we'd recommend giving this gameplay footage a watch.

Stretching on for just over two hours, this video from Japanese YouTube channel Amari Odorokanai Gacchiman wa Horror Game Bakari Yatteiru (thanks Gematsu) has it all, and yes, by the looks of it, Persona 5 Scramble really is a sequel to Persona 5 -- the main difference being that combat is action-based. It's got in-depth dialogue scenes, player choice, dungeon exploration -- just about everything you'd expect from a Persona title.

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