In the era of ever-evolving video games, who would've thought Overcooked 2 would be among them? Team 17 has been keeping the co-op cooking title simmering since its release back in 2018, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. The result is a game that's only become more flavoursome over time, with a wide range of DLC thrown into the pot.

The latest is Spring Festival, a free update to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The year of the rat is due to begin on 25th January, but you can download this update now and cook up some Chinese dishes with your pals. You'll be able to rustle up dim sum, hot pots, and fruit platters in five new levels, and two new characters enter the kitchen: a turtle, and of course, a rat.

Will you be getting back to Overcooked 2 for some Chinese New Year fun on PlayStation 4? Order a takeaway in the comments below.