Mutazione is secretly one of 2019's better games. A small narrative-driven adventure game from Die Gute Fabrik, it's also one of PlayStation 4's most relaxing titles, with a slow pace and cosy characters you'll get to know pretty well. One of the game's more interesting ideas is a gameplay feature allowing you to grow special gardens at set spots across the island, each plant providing a new instrument to the music. It's very zen.

The developer has doubled down on this idea for the game's first content update. A new Garden mode grants access to a standalone cloud garden away from the main story, and provides a chilled-out space in which players can simply plant seeds, create unique soundscapes, and just be. You'll be able to use any seeds you've accumulated from the main game, as well as a series of new ones added specifically for Garden mode. What's more, you'll even be able to share seeds with your buddies, which is nice.

This new mode comes as part of a free update for Mutazione, which is available to download now. If you enjoyed the gardening aspect of the game but wanted a free space in which to experiment, it seems this update is for you.

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