Update: Well, PlayStation UK has deleted the tweet since we wrote this story. We'll replace it when the trailer makes its way back online.

Original Story: Dreams, the latest first-party exclusive title from Media Molecule, is due for full release in just three weeks' time. Many people have already been playing the game for dozens of hours thanks to early access, and it's meant we've seen at least one amazing creation pop up online each week. What the community has been able to achieve in this time has been pretty astonishing, and a new trailer highlights this.


Everything in the above video, aside from the title sequence, was made in Dreams, including all the music. The weird and wonderful things people are making with this game are on full display here, and it includes things even we've not seen before. Whether it's a fully interactive bunch of levels, a music visualiser, or a silly character model, it's crazy what people are coming up with, armed with just a DualShock 4 and an idea.

Are you excited to dive into Dreams on PS4? What will you make when it arrives on 14th February? Tell us your dreams in the comments below.

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