Silent Hill 3

Last week, a number of rumours got out about the possible revival of the Silent Hill franchise with reports of a soft reboot and an Until Dawn-style title in the works. Those projects haven't been confirmed to actually be a thing just yet, although publisher Konami has now spoken out on the subject -- teasing that the series' return could actually be on the cards. You can consider us intrigued to say the least.

Speaking with PC GamesN, a Konami representative said: "We cannot share anything at this point, but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title." It's a fairly surprising response where the Japanese studio doesn't kill the rumours where they stand -- instead offering fans hope that there may actually be some truth to the speculation.

If the two games do actually come to fruition then they'll most likely be on PlayStation 5, an assumption which excites us rather a lot. The return of survival horror on Sony's next-generation console? Count us in. Do you hope Silent Hill makes its return in the next couple of years? Avoid Pyramid Head in the comments below.