It took nearly two decades for Shenmue III to finally see the light of day on PlayStation 4 after the series was abandoned following the SEGA Dreamcast's second entry, but could a fourth instalment be coming sooner than we think? One of the Ys Net support teams who worked on Shenmue III, Lakshya Digital, recently suggested that Shenmue IV is about to enter development.

Rather bizarrely, this news comes from a Facebook post made last year on 14th December which has only just started to gain some traction. In it, Lakshya Digital thanks Ys Net for being given the chance to work on Shenmue III as well as congratulating the developer on the title's release. The team then signs off by saying: "We look forward to working on Shenmue IV very soon!"

Of course, this is by no means confirmation that a fourth entry is actually on its way, but it is interesting that the studio threw the claim about so casually on social media. Lakshya Digital influenced the art direction and character production of Shenmue III, so the team quite clearly played its part in managing to replicate the old-school feel of its predecessors. The franchise was always pitched as consisting of 11 chapters, which the third entry didn't reach the end of. Therefore, the possibility of a Shenmue IV is something that could very much become a reality should there be enough support and monetary funds to justify its release.

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