PS5 PlayStation 5 Reveal Event
Image: FalconDesign3D

The rumour mill has officially reached fever pitch, and some PlayStation fans on social media are beginning to lose their heads. Sony will be thrilled to see the pent-up demand for fresh PlayStation 5 information – after all, it’s this kind of anticipation which led to the next-gen system’s predictable logo becoming the most liked gaming-related image ever uploaded to Instagram.

But between false prophets and the Japanese giant’s general reluctance to confirm some kind of reveal roadmap, the speculation is becoming irritating. Take this story that’s doing the rounds: the PS5 will be showcased in New York City in a couple of weeks. The source? So-called “industry insider” Tidux, who’s been falsely predicting ambiguous PlayStation news since the beginning of time.

This story gets increasingly laughable when you trace it back to the source. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad – who has genuine knowledge of industry goings-on – joked on Twitter that Sony’s new console could be announced in Fortnite. It seems this information has since been twisted and extrapolated to mean it’ll be confirmed in a fortnight. Tidux has since claimed that he's merely going on holiday in early February.

Look, we’re still relatively confident that the Japanese giant will showcase the PS5 at some point in February, and it’ll probably host the event somewhere in New York City – but this is all educated guesswork based on its actions in the past. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: be sceptical until you hear news direct from the horse’s mouth.