Sayonara Wild Hearts PS4

Another week brings with it another PlayStation Store sale for European territories, and this is one you'll probably want to pay attention to. The Totally Digital sale is available right now, serving up discounts for some of the PlayStation 4's very best indie titles through until 5th February 2020.

Independent gems such as Return of the Obra Dinn and Sayonara Wild Hearts headline the sale, coming in at £14.99 and £7.39 respectively. Firewatch can be yours for just £2.99, Blasphemous is discounted to £13.99, and Hyper Light Drifter has had its price slashed to £6.49. There's so much more to see, however, so head on through the link to take a look at the Totally Digital sale's full offering.

That's a grand total of 300 discounts coming your way across the PS4's indie selection and certain PlayStation VR titles, so has anything taken your fancy? Share your shopping basket in the comments below.