PS5 PlayStation 5

You know it, we know it, Sony knows it -- PlayStation 5 will be revealed in the coming weeks. It feels like everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of a first glimpse at the next-gen console, and all signs point to a reveal event in February. The PS4 was unveiled at its own event back in 2013, and Sony will be planning to replicate that with PS5.

A newly discovered trademark, spotted by the ever-vigilant crew at LetsGoDigital, sees the platform holder registering the PS5 in Switzerland. This trademark was filed just yesterday, 27th January 2020, and the aforementioned site reasons it could be another sign the console will be shown off very soon. It makes sense to us, and tracks with all we've heard from various places over the last few months.

What do you reckon? Is Sony getting its ducks in a row ahead of finally shining a light on PS5, or does this have nothing to do with it? Sound off in the comments below.