Dead Cells arrived on PlayStation 4 back in 2018, and gave the roguelike genre a shot in the arm. If you've yet to play it, expect a side-scrolling action game with ultra-responsive controls, endlessly replayable random maps, and Metroidvania-style level design. It's already a jam-packed game, but the Bad Seed DLC is almost here to add even more to do.

Retailing for $4.99, Bad Seed includes two brand new levels to explore, a new boss to tackle, and a host of new weapons, abilities, and enemies to discover. You can see it all in action in the above trailer. Developer Motion Twin has also just announced a release date; the DLC pack will be available on 11th February 2020.

Are you excited to jump back into Dead Cells to play Bad Seed's new stuff? Are you still making runs in the game, or did you put it down for a while? Hack and slash in the comments below.

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