Days Gone PS4

Sony Bend's impressive, free support of PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is set to continue today by doing it's community a real solid. Patch 1.61 should be available to download on your console right now, and it actually reduces the game's overall size -- leaving you with more room for other PS4 title's to take up.

Detailed over on Reddit, the team explained that players will initially need to download a gigantic 30GB update, but in doing so it optimises the game to a point where its overall size will be smaller once all is said and done. Therefore, it seems very much worth doing. Elsewhere, patch 1.61 makes the following changes:

  • The mission “Better to Light One Candle” bounty should able be obtained properly
  • General optimization towards certain missions
  • Scoring will properly apply when utilizing oxygen tanks in the “Reloaded” Challenge
  • The mission “The Anarchist Spy” will properly reset traps if you fail the mission
  • The mission “Out of Nowhere” helicopter’s light are been fixed
  • General optimization prior to playing before the game fully downloads
  • General improvements to optimization and stability

Do you think you'll take advantage of this patch? Have you been running out of storage room on your PS4? Get downloading in the comments below.