Control PS4 PlayStation 4

Control launched all the way back in August of 2019, and a couple of weeks after the fact, developer Remedy announced a Season Pass. This is relatively normal practice these days; a lot of games grow and change way beyond their initial state upon release. One interesting wrinkle, however, seems like it could put early buyers at a disadvantage.

Currently, neither of Control's major DLC packs have been released. The first is scheduled to arrive on 26th March, and the second is pencilled in for "mid 2020". This is fair enough, but fans may have purchased the Season Pass as far back as September 2019. This itself isn't a problem, unless such a fan grows impatient having to wait months for a return on their purchase. The main issue is that the Season Pass is being discounted.

On the North American PlayStation Store, Control's Season Pass has been reduced from $24.99 to $16.24. At first glance, this seems like an obvious win for consumers, but what about those who purchased the pass months ago? They paid the full price for all the DLC, and as of right now, have nothing to show for it. Furthermore, regardless of what you pay for the Season Pass, you'll obviously still be getting everything. It's a bit of a kick in the teeth to Control's biggest fans.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only time we've seen it happen. It's a situation that is, at the very least, unfair to those who've already put cash on the table. You could argue it's always best to wait, but it seems unlikely that publishers would want to encourage that sort of behaviour -- plus, how are we to know if or when to expect a price drop? Discount your DLC all you want after the content itself becomes available; at least eager buyers would then have the advantage of playing it earlier than others. In cases like this, though, it seems buying the Season Pass on day one is a mistake. That doesn't seem right to us.