Psstore Bg9

We all love a good PlayStation Store sale, don't we? The chance to grab some of the PlayStation 4's latest digital offerings at a cheaper price is one we'll never pass up, and it looks like the biggest Sony sale of the year is about to go live sooner than you think. The Christmas sale is scheduled to last until 24th December, but it's going to be joined by the gigantic January sale in just two days time.

The hardware manufacturer is even hyping up the sale by sending out email notifications with a countdown attached. The January sale will go live at roughly 9am GMT / 1am PST / 4am EST on Friday 20th December, bringing with it a huge amount of deals. Sony's January sales have become known to be the biggest and best you can find on PS4 over the years, so if there's a particular game you've been waiting to receive a discount, you might be in luck by the end of this week.

This scribe is hoping for a cheap deal on Return of the Obra Dinn, but what about yourselves? Share your list in the comments below.