Resident Evil 3 has now been officially revealed to the world following weeks of rumours and leaks, but according to Kinda Funny's Imran Khan, the remake was originally planned to release alongside this year's Resident Evil 2 in a single package. Yeah, we're just as surprised as you are.

Speaking after reacting to Sony's latest State of Play livestream, Khan says: "Talking to people who are close to Capcom, from what I understand, that game and Resident Evil 2 were originally part of one package. But, it was too much work, the games were getting delayed. Resident Evil 2 was supposed to be released a year earlier than it did so they split them up. So, that's why this thing is coming so quickly."

It is an interesting talking point: how has Resident Evil 3 managed to arrive just 14 months after Resident Evil 2's remake? The assumption has been that the two were in development in tangent for a while, but according to Khan, they were planned to release side by side the entire time.

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