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The original PlayStation launched today -- that's the 3rd December at the time of writing -- in Japan 25 years ago. Since that day, Sony's video game brand has been a dominant force worldwide. Sure, PlayStation has had its sticky moments -- the early life of the PlayStation 3 immediately comes to mind -- but there's simply no disputing the impact that PlayStation has had not just on the gaming industry, but on the lives of people like us and people like you -- people who simply enjoy playing video games.

Obviously, Push Square would not exist without PlayStation, and so we do have to be thankful that the brand continues to be a juggernaut in its space, giving us plenty to write about week after week. But still, it's crazy to think that PlayStation has been around for a whole 25 years. All of us here on the site were just kids when the PSone hit the market, but we've stuck with Sony's systems through thick and thin.

Whether it's the pure escapism of immersing ourselves in a gigantic role-playing game, getting together with pals for the sake of friendly competition, or just an easy way to unwind after a long day at work, gaming's a hobby that deserves to be celebrated -- and for so many of us, PlayStation is the key to it all.

Over its 25 year history, PlayStation has produced six different systems -- four home consoles and two portable devices. Next year, it'll reveal its seventh, with the PlayStation 5 finally stepping out of the shadows. But which PlayStation is your favourite? Maybe you have fond childhood memories of the PSone, or perhaps you think that the PS2's library simply cannot be beaten. Is the PSP unfairly pushed to one side? Did the Vita deserve better? Was PS3 the best of the bunch, or do you think PlayStation has peaked with the PS4? Vote in our polls, and then give us a good reason in the comments section below.

What is your favourite PlayStation?
What was your first PlayStation system?