Nintendo PlayStation Prototype
Image: Engadget

A couple of months back, it was revealed that the owner of the only privately-held Nintendo PlayStation prototype, Terry Diebold, was looking to sell it off. In a new report from Kotaku, it turns out he'll be bringing the extremely rare machine to auction in February 2020.

It seems this is somewhat out of necessity, as Diebold and his son aren't making any money taking the console to trade shows and conventions. "I’ve put a lot of work into this by travelling with it and we have made nothing on it," he told Kotaku. "Every trip that we... have taken with it has cost us money out of pocket."

On 27th February, Heritage Auctions will be selling the SNES PlayStation hybrid to the highest bidder. However, that's not stopped collectors from getting in touch with Diebold ahead of time. He's already turned down an eye-watering offer of $1.2 million. It's expected that the rare item will make some serious cash, then, but the auction house hasn't put an estimate on the listing. Speaking to Kotaku about the prototype's potential value, Heritage's Valarie McLeckie said, "In the case of this particular item, since it’s never been sold at public auction before, there’s really no way to tell."

If Diebold is waving away over a million dollars, we're very curious to see what the final bid for the Nintendo PlayStation will be. If you've got lots of zeros burning a hole in your pocket, you can view the auction listing through here.

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