Before 2B and 9S, there was NieR. Ever since NieR: Automata truly put the Drakengard franchise on the map, a bit of a cult following has started to develop around its predecessor. It supposedly wasn't that good of a game at the time, garnering a rating of 68 on Metacritic, but we have heard some rather fascinating things about the game in the time since. If a new trademark registered by Square Enix is anything to go by, however, then we might get to experience it for ourselves.

The Japanese publisher has registered a new trademark for the term "NieR", as reported by Game Talk and posted on Twitter by Nibel. That may not seem like much of a big deal on the surface, but after comments from creator Yoko Taro suggested that he would love to bring back the original game in the form of a remake if Automata sold well has us speculating. NieR: Automata did indeed do well for itself, selling more than 2.5 million copies as of March 2018. That number will have, of course, risen since.

These statements combined with the presence of a strange NieR 10th anniversary website has us hoping that a remaster of the original is indeed on its way. A weird and wacky adventure to see out the PlayStation 4 is something we'd love to sign up for.

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