Wattam PS4 PlayStation 4

Wattam is out digitally tomorrow on PlayStation 4, at long last. We've been waiting for Keita Takahashi's latest crazy creation for about half the generation, but it's finally here. Very soon, we'll be able to play the latest game from the creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, which is very exciting indeed.

It might be releasing tomorrow on the PlayStation Store, but what if you want this game on disc? The good news is that iam8bit has you covered. The better news is that the physical version of Wattam is definitely the best. Just look at these flawlessly executed covers:

We're particularly fond of the apple cover, but all three are a work of art. It isn't just this that makes the physical edition so great, though. The covers are reversible, presumably with more traditional artwork on the other side, and you'll also get an instruction manual written and illustrated by Takahashi himself. What's more, a select few of these boxes will come packed with a one-off drawing from the main man, which is pretty darn cool.

The only catch is that this version of the game isn't out until Q2 2020, meaning an even longer wait. We suppose that, if you're a big fan and have already waited this long, why not wait a couple more months for the ultimate version of the game?

What do you think of iam8bit's physical edition of Wattam? Are these covers a work of genius, or are they merely the best thing you've ever seen in your life? Tell us which one you'd buy in the comments below.

[source iam8bit.com]