Journey To The Savage Planet PS4

Journey to the Savage Planet developer Typhoon Studios has just been acquired by Google, boosting the company's line-up of teams which form the Stadia Games and Entertainment initiative. This means that once the studio's debut title arrives on PlayStation 4 next month, the Montreal-based team will develop games exclusively for the streaming service Google Stadia.

Revealed by Jade Raymond on the Google Blog, she describes it as an exciting opportunity to boost the number of developers working with the platform. "Under the leadership of its co-founders, Reid Schneider & Alex Hutchinson, Typhoon Studios has built an incredible team of industry veterans who are committed to the player experience."

It's hard to judge whether this is a real loss to the PS4 community just yet. Journey to the Savage Planet is Typhoon Studios' first project, and despite having the director of Far Cry 4 on board, the studio is unproven. We'll have to wait until next month rolls around to discover whether we'll truly miss the efforts of the team or not. Still, it means that a few less games will be making their way to Sony's consoles in the future.

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