Uncharted Movie

Seriously, when is someone going to take this project out back and get rid of it for good? The Uncharted movie is never, ever going to hit theatres -- proven by the fact that it has just lost its sixth director. Yes, you read that correctly, six directors! Madness.

Deadline reports that Travis Knight has left production of the video game adaptation as it now clashes with other movies, including a sequel to Bumblebee, that he is currently working on. The film itself has been pushed from a late 2020 launch as Sony now searches for a seventh director to helm the project, but Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are said to still be attached.

Seriously though, this is all going to be in vain. The Uncharted movie is never going to come out, is it? This is quite clearly a doomed project that Sony needs to put a bullet in sooner rather than later. Do you think Uncharted will ever see the light of day? Hold off on pre-ordering tickets in the comments below.

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