The game may not even have a release date yet here in the West, but that hasn't stopped Cygames and Arc System Works from showing potential buyers what Granblue Fantasy Versus has up its sleeve post-launch. The gorgeous looking fighter only has a small character roster at 11 combatants, but we've known for a while that it'll be bolstered with additional heroes and villains plucked from the immensely popular Granblue Fantasy mobile title.

The first four of those characters have been revealed in a new trailer, which you can watch above. They are: Chaos Bringer, Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta. The first two arrive in March 2020, while the latter two release in April 2020. Granblue Fantasy Versus itself hits Japan on the 6th February.

While the characters do look great, it's hard not to be at least a little bit cynical about the game's model. Again, with a roster of only 11 playable fighters at launch, pushing four DLC characters within just a couple of months does seem cheeky.

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