Journey PS3 PS4 Game of the Decade

We’re listing the ten Games of the Decade. These are the ten PlayStation titles released over the past ten years that we believe have left a historic mark on the industry. Whether it’s Destiny's impact on the Games as a Service space or Journey’s innovative approach to online connectivity, these are the releases that the industry will be referencing well into 2020 and beyond.

When Journey first floated onto the PlayStation 3 in 2012, few could have predicted the impact that it would have on the industry. thatgamecompany's strange little project finally got to see the light of day after what was apparently a tricky development cycle, but the wait was well worth it; almost eight years later and Journey is still a marvel.

The indie revolution that really kicked off in the latter years of the PS3 was spearheaded by Journey -- at least to some degree. At the time there was nothing quite like it -- Journey was a stark reminder of what games can offer over other types of media. You could even argue that it helped open a generation's eyes to what games can actually be.

Journey PS3 PS4 Game of the Decade 2

Broken down into its most basic building blocks, Journey doesn't sound especially impressive. It's only a few hours long at most, and you don't do much aside from walk, jump, and glide. But Journey's not about in-depth mechanics or mastery of systems -- it's, perhaps unsurprisingly, about a journey, and the meaning behind it is ultimately yours to consider and decide upon.

The game never utters a word, yet it manages to say so much more than most games could ever hope to. Its ability to convey emotion and spirituality through its crisp visuals and stunning orchestral soundtrack is nothing short of incredible. If any release of the last decade could genuinely be described as beautiful, it would be Journey.

Journey PS3 PS4 Game of the Decade 3

But it's Journey's approach to multiplayer that truly sets it apart. At times it can be an intensely lonely affair as you trek across deserts and struggle to climb snowy mountains, but if you happen to cross paths with another player, the title becomes a catalyst for some of the most memorable encounters in gaming. There's a distinct sense of joy that comes with rushing over to greet a fellow wanderer and watching them chirp with happiness. Fleeting friendships can be forged without a word, and it's always a special moment.

Many games have tried to emulate the magic of Journey, but none have come close to matching its elegance or its excellence.

Has Journey had an impact on you? Can you remember the first time that you played through it? Stick together in the comments section below.