Greg Rice
Image: Greg Rice

Greg Rice, former vice president of business development at Double Fine, has announced his new role at Sony Interactive Entertainment. The industry veteran left Tim Schafer's studio in the months following Microsoft's acquisition, but he's now formally said what he'll be up to next.

In a tweet, Rice states that he'll be joining PlayStation as global head of indie accounts. This basically means he'll be looking after relationships between SIE and independent developers. "I’ll be managing all independent developer and publisher accounts and building new initiatives to support indies big and small from all over the world," he explains.

It's a role that makes some sense for Rice. Double Fine had been making steps into publishing before Microsoft bought the company, and that side of the business now seems unlikely to continue. At Sony, he'll be able to work with a huge variety of indie partners on getting their games onto PS4 and, eventually, PS5. He'll be working with Shuhei Yoshida, who recently stepped down from president of Worldwide Studios to spearhead Sony's refreshed interest in independent games.

Exciting times ahead, then. We're looking forward to seeing all kinds of weird and wonderful titles popping up on PlayStation in the future.