Death Stranding might be a rather bleak game, but those who decided to stick around following the apocalypse aren't about to forget about Christmas just yet. The game's 1.08 patch has given protagonist Sam Porter Bridges a lovely Santa hat to wear as he goes about his deliveries -- almost emulating Father Christmas himself.

Pay a visit to numerous Preppers throughout the United Cities of America and you'll find that they too are in the festive spirit, as spotted by Reddit user ashtinfay over the weekend. Not every one of them is donning the classic red garment, however, suggesting that we've got a couple of Scrooges in our midst.

Sam Porter Bridges carries out the task Father Christmas sets himself once a night every single day, so a Santa hat for Norman Reedus' character more than makes sense. Has this gotten you into the spirit? Deliver us a present in the comments below.