We know that Battle Royale shooters are all the rage nowadays thanks to Fortnite, so we're getting to the point where developers are coming up with their own novel twist on the genre. Darwin Project from Scavengers Studio is the perfect example of that, and after spending a prolonged amount of time in an early access phase on PC and Xbox One, the game will finally launch next month on PlayStation 4 with a full 1.0 release.

A specific day in January has not yet been revealed, but it's certainly welcome news nonetheless. Darwin Project pits 10 players against one another with various type of melee and ranged combat to be utilized. What's more, a Show Director can influence the match by triggering numerous events and life-threatening invasions to occur. It's basically a Battle Royale game show, and we're all for it.

It's completely free-to-play, and the full PS4 release will feature a new class system determined by pieces of gear. Jet Wings allow players to take to the skies, a Grapple Gauntlet does exactly what it suggests on the tin, and a Headhunter Drone acts as a companion which tracks targets. Are you interested in checking out Darwin Project? Survive in the comments below.