However you feel about Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled's microtransactions, you have to applaud Beenox for its sterling post-launch support. Every month has seen a new Grand Prix, seasonal events that bring a bunch of new content to the kart racer for free. The next one is named Winter Festival, and as you might expect, is a very Christmassy affair.

The new track this time around is Gingerbread Joyride, and sees Crash and the gang drifting through biscuit streets covered in icing and other sweet treats. This colourful course is joined by a handful of new characters; Rilla Roo, Yaya Panda, Chick, and Stew join the roster, as well as a totally original moose character named Hasty.

Then there's the usual suite of additional karts, decorations, character skins, and more to unlock as you play during the Grand Prix. The Winter Festival gets started on 12th December and lasts through to 12th January, 2020. Will you be taking part in this festive CTR event? Deck the halls in the comments below.