Here’s a doozy of a rumour for you: could Project Resistance – the lousy looking Resident Evil multiplayer spin-off – ship alongside the heavily rumoured Resident Evil 3 remake? Yesterday, cover art for a PlayStation 4 edition of the aforementioned PSone title appeared in the PlayStation Store’s database, but it was accompanied by updated imagery for Biohazard Resistance, which appears to be the final Japanese name for the online game.

Project Resistance PS4 PlayStation 4 1

While this tidbit was largely overlooked, we reckon the timing is indicative of something. There had been speculation for a little while that Project Resistance could be part of a larger project, and with its packaging hitting Sony’s servers at exactly the same time as Resident Evil 3’s, this is the closest confirmation of that yet. Our guess is that the multiplayer title will be made available as either a pre-order bonus or alongside the remake itself. All should be revealed soon.