The Witcher Netflix Season 2

The Witcher's Netflix series launches next month, on the 20th December. It's set to arrive in style with eight episodes available to watch right off the bat -- but despite the fact that we haven't actually seen any of it yet, the show has already been signed up for a second season. This confirmation comes not long after showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said in an interview that seven whole seasons have already been mapped out.

As we said in that article, this is just how big budget shows work these days. If studios and production companies think that they have a hit on their hands -- be it due to positive critical reception or the backing of test audiences -- they'll usually snap up additional episodes in order to keep things moving at a steady pace. In this case, it's clear that Netflix thinks its adaptation of The Witcher is going to be big.

Do you think The Witcher will last two seasons? Maybe more? Place your bets in the comments section below.