The Outer Worlds' patch 1.1 rolled out earlier today, which among other various fixes and updates, promised to increase the size of the game's text. Developer Obsidian has now successfully deployed that update, but the effect it has had on the font's size is completely negligible.

As reported by VICE's Patrick Klepek, you can now select a large text option in the title's settings, but it only seems to have an impact on dialogue. The inventory menus remain untouched, an area most consider needs a lot of work to get it up to snuff. Here's a comparison from before the patch and afterwards so you can see how little effect patch 1.1 has had, with what the game looks like now with the update applied on top.

The Outer Worlds Text Size Patch
Image: Patrick Klepek

There is a small improvement, of course, but surely players were expecting something a bit more substantial than this, right? The text is still far too small to read. Have you been having issues with The Outer Worlds' text size? Has this new patch actually fixed things for you? Type in a decent font size in the comments below.