Mighty No 9 Japan PS4 PS3 PlayStation Store

Hey, remember Mighty No. 9? Following a farcical crowd funding campaign and an incredibly troubled development cycle, the Mega Man-style sidescroller finally released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 back in 2016. Unfortunately, the wait was not worth it. Mighty No. 9 was panned by critics and consumers alike, and these days, it only really exists as a cautionary tale of disastrous project management.

And now, around three and a half years since its release, the game's being removed from the Japanese PlayStation Store (as spotted on Reddit). The delisting is actually set for the 15th November (tomorrow at the time of writing). It's unclear why Mighty No. 9 is being delisted in the first place, but it could boil down to any number of reasons. Licensing, publisher contracts -- who can say.

It's worth noting that Mighty No. 9 is published by Spike Chunsoft in Japan, whereas here in the West, it's published by Deep Silver. As such, we wouldn't bet on it being removed from the PlayStation Store in other regions just yet.

Three years on, what are your thoughts on Mighty No. 9? Attempt to delist it from your memories in the comments section below.

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