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Sony's own development studios are pretty well known for congratulating each other whenever one of their games launches, and it seems some Worldwide Studios teams are treating Kojima Productions the same way. Death Stranding is out today on PlayStation 4, and to celebrate, the likes of Guerrilla Games and Sucker Punch Productions have shared some delightful artwork.

In Guerrilla's piece, we see Aloy and Sam Bridges riding along on his motorbike:

Meanwhile, Sucker Punch depicts the Bridge Baby clutching a katana:

Bend Studio shows Deacon joining Sam in a ride through the country:

Santa Monica Studio puts Atreus into a BB tank as Kratos meets Sam:

Even though Kojima Productions isn't a first party studio, it does have some links that make it seem that way. Guerrilla famously gave Hideo Kojima and his team the use of the Decima engine, and helped out with development on the game. It's no real surprise to see Sony's teams giving Koji Pro a pat on the back.

What do you think of this artwork? Are you playing Death Stranding tonight? Deliver some comments below.

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