The PlayStation Awards 2019 will be livestreamed on PlayStation's official YouTube channel, it seems. We've had no word on this, by the way -- the scheduled stream has only just popped up on the website.

In years past, the PlayStation Awards have been Japanese events where developers and their games are celebrated. This year, however, it looks like Sony wants to make the ceremony a global event, which ties in with the company's recent focus on uniting PlayStation's three key fronts (Japan, North America, and Europe) under singular leadership.

There are whispers and rumours going around that the PlayStation Awards 2019 could host a number of game reveals and updates on titles that are currently in development -- but we wouldn't get your hopes up until Sony makes a statement.

The livestream is set for the 3rd December at 08:00am UK time. We'll be sure to update this article as soon as we know more.