Cyberpunk 2077 Expectations Hype Reaction

When it comes to games that I can't wait to get my sweaty palms on, Cyberpunk 2077 is number one on the list. Regular readers will know how much I love The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- I'd go as far to say that it's probably my favourite game, period -- and knowing that CD Projekt Red has another ambitious role-playing title in the oven is more than enough to get me excited. Why wouldn't it be?

I'm confident that the Polish developer will deliver with Cyberpunk 2077 based on what we've seen of the game and the conclusions that we can draw from the huge success of The Witcher 3. My only real concern with regards to Cyberpunk 2077 isn't anything to do with the game itself -- it's about the expectations that currently surround it, and how they could colour people's perception of the finished product.

Writing about video games grants a unique perspective into the ebb and flow of the hype cycles that each and every big release goes through. Following upcoming titles so closely and keeping tabs on the kind of traffic that they bring to sites like Push Square is both fascinating and a little bit disconcerting. On the one hand, you get to see people show their passion for their favourite hobby, and it's great when a game comes out and blows everyone away with how good it is. On the other, it's just a bit worrying to see people get so worked up over something that they haven't even played yet.

Cyberpunk 2077 Hype Check Opinion

The bottom line is that it's absolutely fine to be excited for something. Having something to look forward to out there on the horizon can be a nice thing to have, but sometimes, all the hype can come back to bite you. The sky high expectations that you have for the object of your desires can come crashing down when said object doesn't deliver.

My worry is that Cyberpunk 2077 has fans whipped up into such a frenzy -- a frenzy that's already lasted several long years, I should add -- that when it does finally release in 2020, it's going to have to be utterly mind-blowing to even scratch the surface of its surrounding expectations. My worry is that Cyberpunk 2077 could become a victim of its own hype.

Expectations can be dangerous things across all facets of life, but in the realm of obsessive video gaming, their often hyperbolic leanings can become crystal clear through the magic of the internet. In Cyberpunk 2077's case, all you need to do is type the thing's name into Google and you'll be hit with a near unprecedented wave of pure hype. People are going absolutely mental for anything to do with Cyberpunk 2077 and have been for years -- excitement for the game is on a level that you very rarely see.

Cyberpunk 2077 Soapbox Opinion

Again, I can't imagine a future where Cyberpunk 2077 is anything other than a very, very good video game -- but I can't shake the feeling that it's going to be judged against completely unrealistic expectations. Now, I'm not saying that these potentially disastrous expectations are your fault, or anyone else's. After all, the marketing campaign for Cyberpunk 2077 has been built around carefully planned teasing. Months of silence. Little snippets of the game here and there. Vague posts on social media that have turned loyal fans rabid and insatiable, constantly demanding more. It had Keanu Reeves come out on stage at E3, for God's sake. It almost feels like CD Projekt Red has played its hand too perfectly, but it's too late to take it back. For many, Cyberpunk 2077 has to be nothing less than a truly phenomenal product.

And believe me, I know all too well that the media has played a major role in creating this monster of mass hype. Just about every gaming site on the 'net -- including Push Square -- has added fuel to the fire at some point. It's all too easy to get carried away when you're being told that Cyberpunk 2077 is shaping up to be a masterpiece what feels like every other week.

But for better or worse, this is how the industry works. The hype cycle is inescapable at times, and all you can do is watch as your most anticipated games edge closer to their release dates, knowing full well that so many people are probably setting themselves up for bitter disappointment. I sincerely hope that this doesn't happen with Cyberpunk 2077 -- I want nothing more than to see it rock up on the 16th April 2020 and be absolutely everything that we want it to be. But right now, it feels like the immense weight of expectation looms ominously over CD Projekt Red's predetermined masterpiece.

What do you think of the hype that continues to swirl around Cyberpunk 2077 and other big games? Do you try not to set your expectations too high, or do you think that hype is sometimes inevitable? Do you think Cyberpunk 2077 will actually end up exceeding expectations? Feed us an honest opinion in the comments section below.