SingStar Online Servers PS3 PS4 PlayStation 4

Man, remember SingStar? What was once a literal system seller on PlayStation 2 has struggled to maintain relevance on later consoles -- especially PS4. Sony has been shutting down servers left right and centre the last couple of years, and its karaoke party franchise is the latest to go dark.

SingStar's online functionality will be switched off come 31st January, 2020. The announcement has been made in emails to users and via the game's official website. As stated, you'll still be able to use your digitally purchased songs and games, but the SingStore will become inaccessible, and any PS3 or PS4 titles you own will only be playable offline. This also comes with the unfortunate side effect of making certain trophies unattainable after the shutdown date.

We imagine this news won't affect a huge number of people, as SingStar has always been best enjoyed in local play. Still, it's a shame for the few that do indulge in a jolly online singalong. Perhaps any remaining players will give it one last bash to see in the new year.

Are you sad to see SingStar go offline? Are you still playing Sony's karaoke title on PS4? Pour one out in the comments below.

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