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Update: Publisher Deep Silver has revised the Shenmue III embargo, now allowing critics to publish their verdicts on the title from launch day, on 19th November. While we won't be running our review at that time -- this is a relatively large title that demands more of our time -- we should have some first impressions ready to go tomorrow.

Original Article: Shenmue III launches on 19th November, but media receiving review code from publisher Deep Silver will be forced to wait until 21st November in order to cover the title. That’s because the company has set an embargo on the release, preventing press from scoring the long-awaited sequel until two days after launch.

While you probably will see some outlets work around this – Kickstarter copies are currently being shipped, for example, and aren’t bound by the embargo – it means that fence-sitters will generally have to wait a few days to get the verdict on the Ys Net developed game. Our guess is that the organisation is expecting sub-par reviews – but considering this is made for fans of the franchise, does it really matter?